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Mighty community member are the experts in the lived experiences of managing health conditions. Every day they help make a difference in the way health is understood through their unique, honest, and invaluable perspectives.

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The Mighty Community: Making A Difference

Providing Patient Perspectives on Telehealth During Covid

The Mighty community helped inform The Covid-19 Healthcare Coalition by providing patient perspectives on their evolving Telehealth experiences and needs. Their input formed the majority of the patient information found in this report, helping decision makers better understand how actual patients experience and want to experience telehealth during Covid.


Some of the findings from the patient surveys include:


Over half said they would have had to delay healthcare without telehealth during Covid and received a medication during their visit

Over 80% were very satisfied with their telehealth care and felt a sense of access and continuity of care

57% needed a follow up and received it via telehealth

85% felt comfortable sharing personal information via telehealth

73% will continue to use telehealth in the future


Assisting Researchers From Leading Institutions With Real World Insights

One of the core aims of The Mighty is to give our members a greater sense of control over their health and one way we've been delighted to offer that is through participation in research projects. We have teamed up with world-class research institutions to enhance and expand understanding of topics ranging from suicidality to fibromyalgia.

As The Mighty's audience continues to grow, we continually gain the fringe benefit of increasing our members' ability to translate their collective experiences into game-changing research. 

Harvard University
Credit: Kris Snibbe/Harvard University

Harvard University

More than 500 members participated in a study with researchers from Harvard University in a study looking at individuals who experience suicidal thoughts. The study measures the impact of online content on suicidality. Read about the results.

Howard University campus, Washington DC
Getty Images

Howard University

Partnering with the team from Howard University's 1867 Health Innovations Project to investigate how communities in Type 2 Diabetes affect patient outcomes and empowerment in their own care.

University of Maryland
Credit: University of Maryland

University of Maryland

Members sharing their experiences with Borderline Personality Disorder with researchers from the University of Maryland to help clinicians better understand BPD in order to aid earlier diagnosis and better treatment plans.

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