Matt Michelson Joins The Mighty As President

Matt Michelson, President, The Mighty

The Mighty, the world's leading health community bringing the patient's voice to life across the healthcare industry, has hired Matthew Michelson, Ph.D. as President.

Dr. Michelson is a pioneer in the emerging field of Real World Evidence (RWE) and has led organizations focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for nearly a decade. He previously served as president of Genesis AI at Genesis Research -- a premier, global RWE consultancy -- and as CEO of Evid Science, a company at the forefront of using AI to extract results from the medical literature. Dr. Michelson also has a PhD in computer science and continues to publish peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals and conferences.

Founder and CEO Mike Porath explained why Dr. Michelson is the right partner, at the right time, to help continue the company's trajectory.

"The Mighty is a community of millions who are all here to help each other through their health challenges," he said. "Our data and insights deliver better information and a better experience for our members as well as a better understanding of patient behavior and sentiment for our clients. Our clients have health data that explains what is happening, but they are increasingly coming to us to better understand why. We provide insights through de-identified data sets that protect our members' privacy and safety.

"We are poised to become the leading provider of this kind of Real World Evidence. Matt has successfully developed and sold data products in this space; he's a founder and builder of businesses; and he has always put the interests of patients first, which is important for our community."

Dr. Michelson commented, "The Mighty is a rare opportunity to create the first, true set of Patient-Centric Real-World Evidence. We can begin to dig into the 'why' of patients, answering crucial questions around adherence and switching behavior, burden of disease, and all the context of patients as people first. And as the community grows, the company grows in sync. I was so excited to hear about forthcoming research that demonstrates the platform's ability to improve patients' health outcomes, while at the same time the company doubled revenue and increased the community size to millions."

With the addition, The Mighty will continue to service the top Life Science companies, as well as the community they serve. For more on The Mighty, visit

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